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The Destructor #3
The Destructor #3
June 1975
Cover - Larry Lieber
In the Hands of the Huntress
Story - Archie Goodwin
Art - Steve Ditko
Editor - Larry Lieber

The Combine wants the Destructor dead. Dr. Shroud has chosen the individual to kill the Destructor... The Huntress.

The Destructor returns to the auto salvage yard, site of his battle with Deathgrip. Seeking answers, the Destructor is subdued by gas and captured by the Huntress and her assistant, Lobo.

The Combine has gathered members of the Syndicate from around the country to witness the Huntress track and kill the Destructor. The Huntress and her two cougars begin their assault on the Destructor. He is barely able to hold off the two cats, yet when he does, he is savagely attacked by the Huntress and her laser lash.

Near death with the laser lash around his throat, the Destructor crawls toward the force field surrounding the combat area. When the laser lash strikes the force field, it causes an electrical backlash, which causes the Huntress to be thrown off a nearby cliff to her death. The Destructor then makes his escape by evading both Syndicate members and the Combine.


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