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The Destructor #2
The Destructor #2
April 1975
Cover - Larry Lieber
Story - Archie Goodwin
Art - Steve Ditko/Wally Wood
Editor - Larry Lieber

At the waterfront, The Destructor disrupts yet another Syndicate operation. He captures Lash, who has replaced the late Max Raven as Crime Boss. Lash is quick to divulge who the head of the Syndicate is to the Destructor, who dangles him over the harbor.

As the Destructor departs, a figure emerges from the shadows... Deathgrip. Serving the Combine, which seeks to control all Syndicate operations, Deathgrip eliminates Lash. Unknowingly, the Destructor is now working for the Combine, as he seeks out Big Mike Brand, head of the Syndicate.

The Destructor, as Jay Hunter, heads for New Mexico, home of Big Mike Brand. By saving Mike's daughter, Angela, he quickly becomes a favorite of the Syndicate Boss. Jay soon discovers, that Big Mike, a shell of his former self after suffering a devastating stroke, is almost ready to turn over massive amounts of evidence to the authorities in a bid to go straight.

Jay realizes that he has been set up by Lash and the Combine. This allows Deathgrip to take matters into his own hands. He kidnaps Big Mike's daughter, Angela and holds her hostage at an auto salvage yard.

The Destructor learns of Angela's whereabouts and heads for the salvage yard. A savage battle ensues between The Destructor and Deathgrip, who nearly kills the Destructor with his electrified metal glove. The metal glove proves to be Deathgrip's undoing as it becomes attached to a large magnet being hovered by a crane. Deathgrip is crushed as the Destructor takes Angela to safety.


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