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The Destructor #1
The Destructor #1
February 1975
Cover - Larry Lieber/Wally Wood
The Birth of a Hero
Story - Archie Goodwin
Art - Steve Ditko/Wally Wood
Editor - Larry Lieber

Jay Hunter, a young mob thug, is deemed to ambitious by his boss, Max Raven, who orders him eliminated.

Jay and his father are soon gunned down in a hail of bullets. In a last ditch effort to save his son, a dying Simon Hunter gives him the serum he has been working on for years, a serum he hopes will create a super-hero. The serum does it's job as Jay's body begins to heal itself. He later discovers a costume his father has left behind. He becomes... The Destructor.

The Destructor now sets out to destroy all of Max Raven's operations. Unable to stop the Destructor on his own, Max enlists the aid of the hired assassin, Slaymaster, to eliminate the Destructor.

After destroying yet another Mob operation, the Destructor contacts Max Raven, who proposes that they settle this feud, once and for all. They are to meet at the Giant Novelty Company. Slaymaster will be lying in wait.

As the Destructor arrives at the Giant Novelty Company, he is attacked by Slaymaster. Overmatched at first, The Destructor recovers and dispatches the paid assassin.

The Destructor returns to Max Raven's headquarters, disguising himself as Slaymaster. He reveals himself to be the Destructor and is about to unmask in front of Raven. Hearing footsteps approaching, he slips away while Max Raven is gunned down by his own men, who fear he is losing control of the Mob operation.

The Destructor then reveals his identity to a dying Max Raven and vows to continue his fight for justice.


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