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The Cougar #2
The Cougar #2
July 1975
Cover - Rich Buckler/Al Milgrom
A Walk with the Werewolf
Story - Gary Friedrich
Art - Frank Springer
Editor - Larry Lieber

On the set of his latest film, the Cougar discovers a body floating in a moat surrounding a castle. The victim's throat has been torn out. The Cougar knows what type of creature killed this man... a werewolf.

Jeff begins to think back to his growing up in the bayou of Louisiana. He recalls that a witch, Black Hattie, placed a curse on his brother Rick, who was abusive to the old woman. Hattie was never seen again after that day. Two years later, Jeff encounters a werewolf, who kills his parents. His brother Rick is never heard from again.

Jeff calls his cousin, Roger, for more information regarding his family. But before Jeff can meet with Roger, the werewolf strikes, and kills Roger.

Days later, Jeff's girl friend, Janie Johnson, has a concert at the L.A. Forum. The werewolf arrives at the Forum, targeting Janie for death. The Cougar springs into action in a desperate bid to save her. Swinging from a stage rope, he drives a silver blade deep into the heart of the werewolf. Not being able to roll with the fall, Jeff's body is smashed against a crate. The werewolf, now dead, is revealed to be Jeff's brother, Rick.

The Cougar is taken to a nearby hospital where he undergoes surgery to save his life. However, his spinal cord is shattered, leaving him permanently paralyzed.


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