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The Cougar #1
The Cougar #1
April 1975
Cover - Frank Thorne
Vampires and Cougars Don't Mix
Story - Steve Mitchell
Art - Dan Adkins/Frank Springer
Editor - Jeff Rovin

Jeff Rand is known to fellow stuntmen as the Cougar, due to his cat-like speed and agility.

While inspecting an ancient castle for the next day's shoot for the film "The Gore of Dracula", Jeff's buddy Roger inadvertently revives the vampire Krolok. Roger quickly becomes the vampire's first victim.

Later, Krolok wanders thru town and encounters the tavern where the Cougar and his friends have gathered. Krolok recognizes Kathie as his lost love Katya and attempts to abduct her. The Cougar battles Krolok to a standstill, yet the vampire escapes when the police arrive.

Later the next evening, Kathie is being protected by the Cougar and the police, who fear that Krolok will attempt to kidnap her. Krolok indeed does attack, subduing both the police and the Cougar. Katie is gone as the Cougar awakes.

The Cougar immediately heads for the castle, where he finds Krolok ready to drain Kathie of her blood. A battle ensues, which ends when the Cougar drives a stake thru the vampire's heart.

Note - This issue was dedicated to Dan Curtis.

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