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The Brute #3
The Brute #3
July 1975
Cover - Pablo Marcos
Live or Let Die
Story - Gary Friedrich
Art - Alan Weiss/Jack Abel
Editor - Larry Lieber

The Brute finds himself surrounded by police deep in a Minnesota forest. Chief Frazier is torn... kill the Brute, or capture him alive.

He decides to spare the Brute, but one overzealous officer takes matters into his own hands, and places a bullet between the Brute's eyes. Incredibly, the Brute still lives, and is taken to the local hospital, where he undergoes surgery to remove the bullet.

Meanwhile, we are introduced to Dr. Rolf Hendrick, bitter over the United States Defense Department rejecting his supposed greatest weapon ever devised by man.

The Brute quickly recovers from surgery and promptly escapes from the hospital. Chief Frazier fires a bullet into the Brute's shoulder, much to the dismay of Dr. Turner, who is still intent on studying the Brute. As the Brute escapes, the Chief gives the order to shoot to kill.

Dr. Hendrick hears of the the Brute's escape from the hospital and deems it the perfect opportunity to unleash his greatest weapon upon the world.

The Brute makes his way to a construction site, where he encounters Doomstalker, the cyborg created by Dr. Hendrick. A battle ensues atop a wrecking ball, and the Brute falls to his apparent death. Doomstalker then demands the police compensate him or face the consequences.


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