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  The Brute #1 The Brute #2 The Brute #3  
  February 1975 April 1975 July 1975  
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The Brute was a sub-human cave dweller frozen during the last Ice Age and thawed "in the Spring of 1975" from the heat produced by a nuclear power plant built near his subterranean tomb. Hungry and confused, the Brute kills two young boys exploring his cave. A female scientist is awarded custody by the court, but her plans of study are ruined when the father of the murdered boys is killed trying to exact vengeance.

From there, the series becomes a sub-human version of the Fugitive, with the woman scientist trying to save the Brute, even as police hunt him with orders to kill.

The third and final issue foreshadowed a change in direction, with the Brute speaking his first words, and the introduction of a costumed nemesis, Doomstalker.

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