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Blazing Battle Tales #1
Blazing Battle Tales #1
July 1975
Cover - Frank Thorne
Sgt. Hawk - The One-Armed Beast
Story - John Albano
Art - Pat Broderick/Jack Sparling
Editor - Larry Lieber

Yvette Duchamps, French Underground Leader, has been captured by the Nazis. Sgt. Hawk's assignment - to rescue Yvette before she reveals the names of hundreds of French and Dutch partisans. She is being held captive by one of the most sadistic officers in the German Army, know to his own troops as The One-Armed Beast.

Sgt. Hawk is accompanied on this mission by White Cloud and Goldberg, two members of his platoon. They quickly battle there way through the German camp and rescue Yvette. However, the German Commander, who has tortured her, has escaped.

After spending two days in cover, Hawk stumbles upon a German grave detail... getting ready to bury American corpses. Grenades and gunfire quickly dispatches the Germans.

Recognizing that the Americans were also tortured by the German Commander, Hawk heads directly for the German Camp with but one thought - kill the German Commander.

By the time he arrives, the American bombers have done their job, devastating the German camp. The German Commander attempts to escape in a jeep, only to be gunned down by Sgt.Hawk.

The Sky Demon
Story - John Albano
Art - Al McWilliams
Editor - Larry Lieber

Out of nowhere, an American aircraft, piloted by Captain Gunner, swoops down upon a German freighter. Quickly, German ships arrive to defend the freighter. Despite the protection, the P-51 destroys the ship, which is laden with explosives.

After returning to the airfield, Captain Gunner is greeted by his new Commander, Lt. General Sands, who rescinds the command for Gunner to fly independently. He scoffs at the Captain's supposed sixth sense.

The next morning, The Sky Demon joins his regular squadron. On the way home from the mission, Captain Gunner asks for permission to attack a train. His request is denied.

Later, Lt. General Sands once again allows Captain Gunner to fly on his own. The train that was targeted for attack had a very special passenger... Adolph Hitler.

Bronze Star Winner Pvt. William Swanson
Story - John Albano
Art - John Severin
Editor - Larry Lieber

A two page salute to Pvt. William Swanson, Bronze Star winner during World War II.


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