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The Barbarians  #1
Go to Blazing Battle Tales #1
The Barbarians #1
June 1975
Cover - Rich Buckler
Ironjaw - The Mountain of Mutants
Story - Gary Friedrich
Art - Pablo Marcos
Editor - Larry Lieber

Ironjaw wanders onto the "Mountain of Mutants" and is quickly overwhelmed by the savage creatures. He is spared death only after the Mutant Queen finds him to be "of interest".

Ironjaw is taken to the mountain's summit, the ancient cliff dwellings of the Mutants. Tossed into a dungeon with a female slave, she tells of how after the Great Wars, her people drove the Mutants onto the mountain, many centuries ago.

Taken before the Mutant Queen, Ironjaw rejects her advances and is sentenced to die in the arena.

Ironjaw must prove the superiority of the human race by rescuing the female slave. In order to do so, he must defeat the 8 foot tall mutant monster.

Ironjaw manages to defeat the mutant warrior and decides to spare his life, earning the respect of the Queen... and his freedom.

Story - Peter Wiechmann
Art - Jordi Bernet
Editor - Larry Lieber

The unique athletic abilities of Michael Rush, brilliant decathlon contestant, have not gone unnoticed. A champion at the 1976 Olympics, Michael has been chosen to save the future.

Escaping from a crowd of admirers at a crowded airport, Michael unknowingly accepts aid from Natasha, assistant to the scientist who plans to awaken Michael 2000 years in the future. He is quickly captured by the scientist's armed forces and placed in suspended animation.

Upon awakening 2000 years later, Michael is greeted by a video message from the scientist. Predicting the world would become weak and soft, the scientist deemed Michael, with his physical prowess, capable of conquering and ruling the world. He gives the world to Michael Rush, and a new name... Andrax.

Note - Andrax is a reprint of a German comic book from the early 1970s.


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