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Phoenix #1
Phoenix #1
March 2011
Cover - Dean Zachary
Story - Brendan Deneen/Jim Krueger
Art - Dean Zachary
Colors -Mai
Letters - Richard Emms
Editor - Mike Grell

When his entire town is abducted by extraterrestrial forces, Ed Tyler soon found himself being experimented on by a group of aliens known as the Deiei. They proceed to kill Ed... and he comes back to life. The first human being ever killed by the alien Deiei to do so. So... they kill him again, and again, and again. Each time he dies, Ed comes back more powerful... until he is able to break free of his alien captors and flee to Earth, unwillingly leaving his best friend Max on the alien ship. On the run back on Earth, Ed seeks out his girlfriend, Denise, who can hardly believe his story... until Ed's newest friends come knocking...

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