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Grim Ghost #2
Grim Ghost #2
May 2011
Online Exclusive
Limited to 250 copies
Cover - Kelley Jones
Ghost Story
Story - Tony Isabella/Stephen Susco
Art - Kelley Jones/Eric Layton
Colors - Kieran Oats
Letters - Richard Emms
Editor - Mike Grell

Matthew Dunsinane, also known as the Grim Ghost, shares his origin with the man known only as Michael, the most powerful soul to enter the Fringe.

The Dunsinane name was once respected throughout England. However, as the years passed, the land and wealth accumulated by the Dunsinane family all but disappeared. They had become commoners with Matthew's father in the employ of Lord Edwin Braddock. A good and decent man, Lord Edwin Braddock put young Matthew in charge of his horse's upon his father's passing. Few days passed when Matthew and Lord Edwin Braddock did not hunt or ride together. It was a good life for young Matthew Dunsinane.

Sadly, this all changed with the arrival of Ethan Braddock, Lord Edwin Braddock's son, from his European studies. Ethan Braddock made no attempts to hide his resentment toward Matthew. Only he and he alone would hunt with Lord Edwin Braddock. Matthew was to tend to the horses.

Sometime later, Lord Edwin Braddock was murdered. Ethan claimed Lord Edwin Braddock was slain by poachers, yet no effort was made to find the murderers.

With the family title now his, Ethan made little effort to disguise his cruelty.

Unexpectedly, Ethan Braddock took a wife thru an arranged marriage. The Lady Sarah Braddock, despite the circumstances of her arrival, quickly set about restoring a bit of light to all those around her.

She developed a friendship with Matthew that Lord Braddock did not take kindly to. His entourage beat Matthew near death and he was dumped in the woods. His hatred for Ethan Braddock kept him alive and weeks later he returned seeking revenge. However, neither Ethan Braddock or Lady Sarah were there, having left for London earlier in the day.

Matthew claimed Lord Edwin's pistols for his own and took the finest horse from the stable. Swearing vengeance on Lord Braddock and others like him, the Grim Ghost was born.

Michael, however, is not swayed by Matthew's tale. Not getting the answers he seeks from Matthew, he departs, only to encounter Braddock. Braddock strikes Michael twice with a sword made of pure energy.... and Michael remembers.

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