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Grim Ghost #1
Grim Ghost #1
March 2011
Sketch Cover
Cover - Qing Ping Mui
Neither Heaven nor Hell
Story - Tony Isabella/Stephen Susco
Art - Kelley Jones/Eric Layton
Colors - Kieran Oats
Letters - Richard Emms
Editor - Mike Grell

The man known only as Michael begins to learn the nature of The Fringe from Matthew Dunsinane... better known as The Grim Ghost.

As Dunsinane teaches Michael the ways of the Fringe, we also learn about The Grim Ghost's history, which spans all the way back to the Revolutionary War.

And we learn also about his centuries-long battle with Braddock, a powerful force within the Fringe. The fates of these three men... these three souls... will come crashing together, with the entire existence of both the living... and the dead... at stake!

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