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The Comics Code
Comic Buyers Guide
The Truth Behind the Rise and Fall of Atlas Comics
As told by Jeff Rovin to Robert J. Sodaro
originally published in the Comics Buyers Guide

The Comics Journal #114
How not to run a Comic Book Company
An expose of Atlas Comics by one of the Company's Founders
by Jeff Rovin
originally published in The Comics Journal #114

Comic Book Marketplace #77
Atlas, the Second Time Around
Martin Goodman had sold Marvel Comics years before.
With the Atlas/Seaboard line, he tried the Marvel formula again.
by J. C. Vaughn
originally published in Comics Book Marketplace #77

Amazing Heroes #81
Atlas Reconsidered
A look back at the biggest alternative comics company of the '70s
by Ken Jones
originally published in Amazing Heroes #81

Philadelphia Daily News
A bird?, A plane?, A Moorlock!
The impending line of Atlas Comics makes the papers in this November 8, 1974 article
published in the Philadelphia Daily News
by Jack Curtin
originally published in Philadelphia Daily News

Note: This article saw print with the incorrect spelling for Morlock

Atlas Reviewed
Atlas Reviewed
A month by month review of the Atlas/Seaboard color comics
by Dean Webb
Originally composed for the Atlas/Seaboard Comics Society Yahoo Group and
the Golden/Silver/Bronze Age Message Board - February 2005

Contemporary Pictorial Lierature #12
Grant's Tomb
A review of Phoenix, The Grim Ghost and Ironjaw
by Steven Grant
Originally published in Contemporary Pictorial Literature #12

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